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Physicians Formula Cosmetic Brand ~ now available at selected Watsons store nationwide


Greats news to all ladies and girls outside there. America"s #1 Brand*, Physicians Formula is now in Malaysia!

Physicians Formula is targeted to female working adults seeking for healthy yet glamorous make up. This brand offers a range of high quality, innovative, glamorous yet healthy products that are catered to the mass market category.

Physicians Formula is the only cosmetic brand that provides a healthy, yet glamorous solution for your makeup needs. It provides the latest, most innovative, class-to-mass products designed even for the most sensitive skin, in fun and exciting forms. 

during the launching day

Physicians Formula changed the face of cosmetics by being a pioneer in makeup formulations that are:
 Hypoallergenic
 Dermatologist Tested
 Developed for Sensitive Skin
 Safe for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers
 Created without any of the 132+ known harsh ingredients found in makeup

Today Physicians Dormula is #1 in leading market segments*:

#1 in Premium Face Powders
#1 in Mineral Makeup
# in Natural / Organic Face 

Created in 1937 by Dr. Crandall, a leading allergist in Los Angeles, out of love for his wife who had sensitive skin, Physicians Formula developed the first hypoallergenic, fragrance free and dermatologist tested makeup. He was also the first to put SPF in makeup. 

Since that time, Physicians Formula has continued to cultivate a philosophy of innovation. From its inception to today, Physicians Formula has an impressive list of 1st ever category changing innovation, all of which adhere to the brand’s commitment to high quality standards and advanced product performance.

1994 – 1st to bring color correction makeup to the broad market
1997 – 1st to bring bronzers to the market as an everyday item
2005 – 1st to bring mineral makeup to the broad market in new and unique product forms
2007 – 1st to launch a certified organic 100% natural origin makeup line in the U.S.
2011 – 1st to launch brush-tip eyeliner with Lash Boosting Serum
2012 – 1st cosmeceutical youth-boosting makeup line
2013 – 1st complete line of BB makeup in the U.S.
2014 – 1st Organic CC cream and mascara

Physicians Formula is the healthy, a good-for-your skin cosmetic brand from California!

Physicians Formula products care for sensitive skin with glamorous solutions for the
specific, yet common skin problems that women face every day. Gentle, safe yet effective, exciting, eye candy…this is the brand promise to solve every woman’s makeup needs and reveal their most glamorous self.

Given the multiple solutions women are seeking today to solve their makeup needs and reveal their most glamorous selves, Physicians Formula takes on added dimensions to meet their rational and emotional needs.

Physicians Formula is distributed by EIG Pharma Asia Sdn. Bhd., the global partner of
Esthetics International Group Berhad (EIG). Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia
Securities Berhad since March 2004, EIG is one of the market leaders in the beauty and
wellness industry in ASEAN and Hong Kong, with over 30 years' experience in the industry. The Group has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia with the
headquarters located in Selangor, Malaysia.

The group’s strengths lie in its exceptional market reputation, a wide range of quality products, excellence in education and training, an extensive network distribution and a loyal customer base.

Physicians Formula is now available exclusively at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets. The
price ranges from RM39 – RM82.

Star Products:

MINERAL WATER : Talc-Free Mineral Makeup

Physicians Formula is America’s #1 Mineral Makeup Brand. Made with 100% pure and gentle minerals, this total “good for your skin” Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Makeup range delivers a flawless complexion with no shimmery, cakey finish.

Formulated with minimal ingredients and features talc-free formulas, it is the ideal makeup for extra sensitive or breakout prone skin.

Mineral Wear features the ultimate selection of minerals:
 Mineral Extracts, including Malchite, Rhodochrosite and Smithsonite to help protect skin from environmental stress and enhance collagen production.
 Mineral Water sourced from “healing waters” from Mineral Springs in Carlsbad, CA enriched with skin beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium
 Baron Nitride, a superior mineral for a soft natural glow.
 Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, a natural mineral sunscreens.
 Mica, a gentle, lightweight mineral provides smooth, natural coverage

This Mineral Wear range also includes a daily dose of Vitamins A & E derivatives, natural antioxidants, to help protect and condition the skin.

ORGANIC WEAR : 100% Natural Origin Mascaras

Physicians Formula is the premier choice many turn to for their “green” and gorgeous needs. No longer having to choose between chic, glamorous makeup and being green, now you can have both. Get gorgeous by going green!

Organic wear® brings natural solutions to the cosmetic market place with makeup products free of harsh chemicals, parabens and synthetic preservatives. In fact, Organic wear® is completely free from harmful ingredients found in most traditional makeup:

# 100% Free of synthetic solvents - Coats lashes without breakage & drying.
# 100% Natural preservatives - Natural system that reduces the risk of irritation.
# 100% Natural Colour Pigments
# 100% Natural Biopolymers - Derived from nature to provide clump-free lashes.
# 100% Natural Rice Protein & Organic Tapioca Starch - Naturally boosts volume.
# 100% Free of Petroleum by Products, Parabens, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) Synthetic Fragrances.

And it’s 100% Cruelty FREE.

To ensure that the Physicians Formula® Organic wear® line holds the highest of eco standards, this mass-cosmetics pioneer chose to certify the line with ECOCERT®, the leading European authority on organic certification. ECOCERT® is an internationally recognized organic certification that guarantees the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the formulation and manufacturing of the product. This rigorous product development procedure ensures that 100% of the total ingredients are of a natural origin.

NUDE WEAR : Glowing Nude Makeup

A sheer innovation by Physicians Formula! Going nude has never been so glamorous. Strip down to your natural beauty with the glowing finish of our-one-of-a-kind no-makeup makeup. The Nude Wear Glowing Nude Makeup range contains 100% Nude Glow pigments that let your skin breathe for a beautiful bare skin effect.

# Perfecting formulas deliver a Beautiful Bare Skin Effect & Skin-Glowing finish.
# Airy formulas are infused with a natural extract (Tropaeolum Majus Flower) that allows skin to breathe, as if completely “in the nude”.
# 100% Perfecting Nude Pigments, a translucent and lacking opacifying property that allows skin natural radiance and color to shine through by making pigments appear virtually invisible.

The ultra-feminine packaging of this product makes it an upscale and irresistible one with
perfectly pretty details.

Happy Booster: Glow & Mood Boosting Makeup

Physicians Formula, the innovative brand known for delivery high quality, innovative beauty items, has done it again, this time building a brand new category: Mood Beauty. Mood Beauty is where makeup, joy, and well-being intersect, with products that offer inner happiness and outer beauty. With the 1st ever makeup line in this category – Happy Booster – we can’t promise eternal love, but we can promise a brighter complexion and a brighter, happier-looking you!

Happy Booster range is designed to enhance mood and stimulate happy thoughts by utilizing unique breakthrough ingredients, Aroma Therapy, Color Therapy and Texture Therapy that stimulate positive sensory reactions. It’s a never-been-done-before approach that evokes feelings of happiness, pleasure, relaxation and good cheer, all housed in a cheery red and pink case. Each Happy Booster compact also comes with built in mirror and a dual-toned fanshaped Happy Booster Brush, which picks up just the right amount of powder and affords the ultimate perfecting finish.

Both Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder and Blusher are formulated with Physicians Formula’s exclusive Happy Boost Blend, the brand’s proprietary combination of:

1. Happy Skin – Derived from Arctic Rose, it mimics the effect of endorphins, also known as “happy molecules” for a sense of wellness and pleasure
2. Euphoryl – Rich in Omega-3, a known anti-depressant that has been linked to the production of Dopamine which promotes happiness
3. Murumuru Seed Butter & Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter – Provides an exceptionally silky smooth feel while increasing skin luminosity.
4. Mood Enhancing Fragrance – A blend of fresh violet floral notes that invigorate and
refresh your mood.

~ Achik ~


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